The New Dimension in Social Engagement within Sports, Entertainment and Events

Evolution of Social Engagement within Streamed Content

OMNI Play is the centralised home for broadcasted content consumption.

Our single OMNI platform allows organising bodies and users to communicate, engage and 'build tribes', in and around live and curated content.

The ultimate white label platform designed to establish Social Networking within Broadcast Events.


Platform Features

"The future of Social Networking is being able to communicate within Live Content. The ability to engage and communicate, goes far past the ability to comment and like - the future has to be Emotion within Content - the ability to be part of the action, to personalise an experience."

Interactive Fan Zones

Live Stream, Optional Feeds (Cameras)

Real time Polling in Live Feed & Video Chat

Challenge another Group (Fan zone Challenge)

Translation up to 55 languages in real time

Sentiment Analysis of Presenter and Attendee

Gamification via Social Media

Direct Marketing to Group Watch Parties

Accessible on a range of devices including:




Smart TV

Multi-Screen Share

Live voting and polling

Content specific voting and polling, adaptable and editable based on real time data derived from live content.

Unlimited analytics data provides broadcasters with incredible control.

Our platform comprehensively tracks every interaction, giving IP holders, broadcasters and governing bodies a complete overview of their data. We work closely with our organisers to provide meaningful and insightful breakdowns within their dashboards. 

global and infinitely scalable cloud solution

Enterprise scale solution offering a seamless user-experience, globally leveraging cloud technologies.

We are an OMNI platform dedicated to creating a single eco system for federations, Sports Bodies and IP holders. We are the future, a single content platform for all live and past content, managed and controlled by the IP holder. Our platform allows for communities to be created, such as virtual fan zones, where we create social interaction around broadcast content. We have build in features to allow for gamification and inter game interaction, pause, rewind, overlay chat and share. Our platform allows for social networking within broadcast content, no longer is broadcast content reliant on a third party social networking site to host their fan base, content or subscription model. We do not buy rights, we provide the platform for the right holders to exploit the technologies that make content cool, all in one place, under the IP holder. We operate below the IP holders as a white label solution, our competition is the IP holders current, redundant website. We are the next generation of platform for Sports bodies, IP holders and Federations.

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